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The 2020 Hood Voter Guide - Escambia County

Studies have shown that a contributing factor to low-voter turnout can be attributed to lack of education on candidates and single- issues.

As a company that believes in creative solutions for community healing, we realize that this is the time to take a serious stance on getting people into office that will fight for the same thing we fight for, equality and access to joy.

Our local hood voter guide centers the candidates that elevate needs that impact those in the Black community.

Escambia County, much like other places throughout the country, face environmental racism, criminal justice and economic disparities. These issues and more were taken into account when deciding which candidates to endorse.

Life Is Hale presents The 2020 Hood Voter Guide for Escambia County.

Up until election day, you will be able to find #LifeIsUs team members at our local "juke joints" distributing physical copies and online explaining into detail who our picks are and why we choose to exercise the power of voting in this moment.

Are you a business owner or citizen that would like a physical copy? Contact us at or by phone at 850-972-8993.

Download the PDF here or view at this link.

Hood voter guide
Download PDF • 12.22MB

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