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Life Is Hale LLC. is committed to the well being and healing of people that are part of the Black Diaspora. By partnering with the community and creating content that activates the five main positive emotions; joy, interest, contentment, pride and love. This can be achieved through events that educate, entertain and empower black folks. Life is Hale is dedicated to taking a unique approach to individual, familial and community wide healing.

Contact us to inquire about our services that include; Life and organizational consultation, facilitated workshops, and DJ & event hosting services.  




Haley Morrissette also affectionately known as Hale, is an award-winning eclectic Masters level social worker.  Hale has been an active grassroots organizer since 2014 and takes an intersectional and womanist approach to advocate for freedom and liberation for all people.  

A co-founder of several non-profit organizations, advocate and lover of arts, her expertise ranges in unique approaches to societal problems.

Hale is a DJ, a mother, a community organizer and restorative justice circle keeper. 

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