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Haley "Hale" Morrissette, MSW

Haley Morrissette, affectionately known as Hale, isn't just a force in social work and community organizing; she's also the rhythmic maestro behind the turntables. With a Master's degree in Social Work from the University of West Florida, Hale seamlessly blends her passion for advocacy with the artistry of music.

As a DJ, Hale has orchestrated unforgettable moments at weddings, corporate events, cookouts, holiday parties, concerts, and more. Her ability to curate the perfect soundscape for any occasion is a testament to her versatility and skill.

In the community, Hale not only strategizes for social change but, creates a welcoming atmosphere that resonates with diverse audiences wherever she goes. From grassroots organizing in the Gulf Coast, to trauma therapy sessions, to spinning tracks at high-profile events, Hale's journey is a harmonious blend of activism, healing and artistry.

Whether advocating for freedom and liberation on the podium or spinning tunes that ignite the spirit on the dance floor, Hale's commitment to community growth and healing knows no bounds. With a DJ career as vibrant as her advocacy, Hale continues to be a dynamic presence, using both beats and words to inspire change.

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