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If you’re someone that’s bringing Black Joy to the city of Pensacola and surrounding areas consider being a Community -over- Competition partner.​

  • C>C partners know that working together is the most productive way to spread good vibes throughout the city and promote empowerment among our community members.

  • Although profit is nice, C>C partners are committed to putting people first and maximizing our community dollar. 

  • Every C>C partner is featured on the Community over Competition calendar that displays the amazing experiences we’re working hard to bring to the people.

  • C>C partners receive an exclusive invite to the monthly C>C mixer to update the calendar and have a chance for collaboration with other partners.

Fill out our form to be a partner 

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Haley Morrissette also affectionately known as Hale, is an award-winning eclectic Masters level social worker.  Hale has been an active grassroots organizer since 2014 and takes an intersectional and womanist approach to advocate for freedom and liberation for all people.  

A co-founder of several non-profit organizations, advocate and lover of arts, her expertise ranges in unique approaches to societal problems.

Hale is a DJ, a mother, a community organizer and restorative justice circle keeper. 

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